Pay as you go for just the credits you need

We have no hidden fees, service fees, inactivity fees or restrictive contracts to sign. And credits never expire, so you can relax knowing you’ll never lose them.


QuantityPrice per MessageTotal Cost
100 Message Credits3.5p£3.50
1,000 Message Credits3.5p£35
10,000 Message Credits3.5p£350
100,000 Message Credits3.0p£3,000
500,000 Message Credits2.5p£12,500
1,000,000 Message Credits2.1p£21,000

All prices are exclusive of VAT

For two-way messaging, you’ll need to have a virtual mobile number (VMN), a keyword on our shared shortcode, or your own dedicated shortcode.

Inbound NumberSetupPrice per MonthPrice per Year
Virtual Mobile Number----£99
MMS Virtual Mobile Number----£299
Keyword on Shared Shortcode--£25£250
Dedicated Shortcode£750£900--

All prices are exclusive of VAT

VMNs are 11 digit mobile numbers that work just like any other mobile number. It belongs just to you and all messages sent to it will arrive in your account. And it’s free to use as many keywords as you want on your VMN.  Find out more about VMNs.

MMS VMNs can receive multimedia (pictures, video etc) as well as standard SMS messages. The text messages will go into your fastsms inbox as usual (with the normal settings and forwarding options) and any MMS messages can be sent to you via email or to a URL via http.

Shortcodes are 5 digit numbers that are easily recognised and remembered.

Renting keywords on our shared shortcode is a cost effective way to get the benefits of a short reply number, or when a VMN just won’t fit your situation. These can be rented for as little as £25 a month, or get a discount if you need it for a year or more.

When adding a VMN or Shortcode Keyword you can either pay up front for the length of time you need it or set it to auto-renew after a set period (this is always 1 year with VMNs).

Custom shortcodes require a long lead time and are quite expensive. If you want to know more about the process and the costs please contact us via live chat, email or via phone at 0800 954 5305Learn more about shortcodes.

Take a look at our competitors and you’ll find our per-credit prices are lower than anyone using Tier 1 delivery routes. But sometimes price isn’t the most important thing. With your FREE fastsms account, you get all the same great features whether you buy 100 credits or 1 million.


This is our powerful cloud based interface. From here you can access all of our features.

Email to SMS

Send text messages from within any software with email functionality using our easy to use email template.

Developer API

Using our well documented API you can integrate our SMS features directly into your own systems.

Outlook Mobile Service

Send text messages directly to your contacts from within Outlook just as you would an email.

User Module

There are loads of tools available to help you create and manage your own sub-users and what they have access to.


You can generate reports on your own activity as well as that of your sub-users from within NetMessenger.

24/7 UK Support

We’re available 24/7 via phone, email and live chat to help you with every aspect of your account.


Access to all our combined SMS knowledge through our blog, guides, manuals and support centre.