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Cloud based messaging

cloud based smsNetMessenger is our cloud based messaging platform that you can access from anywhere in the world using your web browser.

It’s here you have the largest array of features. You can control all aspects of your account including advanced settings and top up your credits.

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Text & email simultaneously

email2sms outlook messaging serviceIf you use Microsoft Outlook we have a fully integrated solution specifically for you – Outlook Mobile Service.

If you are using any other email client (including YahooMail, Gmail, AOL Mail and you can still send messages using our Email to SMS solution.

Outlook Mobile Service Email to SMS

Integrate into your own systems

sms gateway apiFastsms is more than a source of SMS credits, we build and develop applications ourselves making us familiar with the needs of the developer world.

Our well documented API makes it easy to integrate fastsms into your own systems using HTTP, FTP/SCP, XML or SMTP.

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Whatever your message, it will reach your recipients within seconds everytime with fastsms.

The most reliable SMS system with the widest range of messaging features
The fastsms network is capable of handling almost any volume of messages, delivering them within a few seconds. Bulk SMS features make it simple to manage marketing campaigns on a massive scale utilising features such as throttling, autoresponders and distribution lists. Fastsms is just as adept at messaging on a smaller scale, with intelligent solutions designed to integrate SMS functionality into your existing communication processes.

Expand your business without compromising on quality or customer support
SMS can be utilised in a wide range of areas to effectively enhance the way you do business. Drive sales through effective mobile marketing campaigns with receive, read and response rates that can’t be matched. Streamline your in house communications by using SMS alerts to manage staff out in the field. And enhance the customer experience by adding service notifications such as order confirmations and dispatch details.

Transparent and affordable pricing
Our pricing is designed to be:

Transparent – You always know what you’re paying – no hidden fees or suprise charges
Affordable – Our prices are highly competitive. Only pay for the messages you send and gain access to all our messaging solutions at no extra cost.

It all starts with a free trial – Sign up for a FREE account and let us show you why fastsms is the best option for your organisation.

Features : Sending

By far the most important part of any text messaging system is the sending interface. We have several sending solutions to choose from, but if you want access to the widest range of features we would recommend NetMessenger, which includes the following:

  • Send messages from a 11 digit Virtual Mobile Number (recipients can then reply)
  • Send from a Text Label – this could be your company name or a subject line
  • Input a number to send to immediately, without having to create a contact
  • Send to Contacts from your address book
  • Send to entire Contact Groups from your address book
  • Send to Distribution Lists (these are large lists that you send to often)
  • Upload Campaigns for one off broadcasts (useful for mobile marketing)
  • Create and insert message templates to save time and keep consistent
  • Compose and send your message in less than a minute
  • Schedule a time and date to send your message in the future
  • Create recurring messages that run on a schedule

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Features : Receiving

In order to receive text messages from a mobile phone you must either have a 11 digit virtual mobile number, or a keyword on a 5 digit shortcode. Both have their advantages over the other depending on your type of usage, but it is rare that we wouldn’t recommend you had at least one of them.

Virtual Mobile Numbers : These resemble 11 digit UK mobile phone numbers (e.g. 07869954223). Messages sent to this will be delivered directly to your inbox and you can choose to forward them on to an email address or another mobile phone if you wish. If you choose to send from a virtual mobile number then your recipients can reply to you directly. You can also set up unlimited keywords for auto-responses and message filtering.

Shortcode Keywords : Although more expensive than virtual mobile numbers, keywords on these 5 digit numbers are ideal for mobile marketing as they maintain a strong corporate image

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Features : Contacts

Fastsms offer several contact management tools to halp you manage your address books, all of which are available through our main solution NetMessenger:

Contact Groups : By assigning your contacts to groups you can send a message to all the people within that group quickly and easily from the main sending interface.

Blacklist : Any numbers that you no longer want to be able to send messages to should be added to your blacklist. If you run an unsubscribe keyword campaign you can have numbers added automatically.

Distribution Lists :  These are large mailing lists containing numbers that you often send the same message to. You can clean these against your blacklist to ensure you are not sending marketing messages to anyone who has previously unsubscribed.

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Features : Reporting

Regardless of which solution you are using to send text messages you are able to generate reports from within NetMessenger in the Reports section. Here you can generate reports based on account usage; just select the type of report you would like to generate and decide whether you would like to view it online or download it as a csv file before selecting a date range.

You can also generate the same reports for individual sub users through the Administration panel. This is a great way to manage how many messages are being sent and received through the system.

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Features : Admin

All the fastsms admin features can be accessed from within NetMessenger. It’s here you can manage all aspects relating to your sub users including:

Add Users : can create them individually or import them from a csv file

Set Permissions : set the user as a Standard or Admin (this grants the ability to create sub users of their own)

Assign Credits : set whether they automatically use your credits or must have them allocated

Set Alerts : decide thresholds and who receives alerts about this account

Limit Usage : restricts how many messages each user can send per day

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Learn More : Blog

You can always find the latest tips, advice and news regarding SMS on our blog.

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Learn More : Help

We are constantly expanding our Help resources based on feedback from our users. At this time is consists of three main sections:

Frequently Asked Questions : This is a great place to start if you would like to find out more about fastsms and indeed sms in general.

Glossary : Our sms glossary contains explanations on some of the most common (and some not so common) terms used when discussing sms technologies.

Manuals : While we maintain the most up to date versions of our user manuals within NetMessenger for ease of access for our users we also offer downloadable PDF versions for those who prefer a takeaway option.

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Learn More : Guides

We often produce guides and white papers to help our users get the most out of their fastsms accounts. These are usually inspired by our customer surveys or sometimes as a result of direct feedback. If you would like a specific industry or topic covered in detail we welcome all forms of suggestion from our users. Our most recent guides include:

Mobile Marketing Guide : A great place to start if you are new to mobile marketing. This guide covers everything from the latest EU regulations on digital marketing to how to gather data and launch your first mobile marketing campaign.

Business SMS Guide : This guide is more of a collection of ways in which SMS is currently used by various business sectors. A very useful resource if you are looking to expand the use of SMS within your organisation.

Recruitment SMS Guide : A detailed look at how SMS is used by the recruitment industry.

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Learn More : About Us

Fastsms was established in 2002 as a subsidiary of NetSecrets LTD. Since launch the Company has earned an enviable reputation in the text messaging market as the reliable hub that enables individuals, businesses and organisations to rapidly send large numbers of SMS text messages from PC’s and web browsers.

If you’d like to know more about what you can expect by becoming a fastsms customer, this is a good place to start:

Testimonials : What our customers say about us.

Case Studies : A detailed look at how some of our customers have benefited from using fastsms.

Service Level Agreement : Our promise to you.

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Learn More : Contact Us

At fastsms we pride ourselves on always being available on the other end of a phone. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of your account you can always reach us on 0800 954 5305 during normal working hours.

If you are new to SMS we also offer a free consultation service. Here you can tell us a little about your business and how you think SMS could be used we can then advise you on how best to achieve your goals.

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