Developer API

The very nature of SMS and indeed the fastsms system is that it loves to be developed and integrated. A wide range of software and applications can benefit from the addition of SMS functionality and it’s a great way to get ahead of the competition.

With access to our well documented and supported API (Application Programming Interface) you will be able to connect directly to the fastsms message platform via a number of protocols.

The protocols that are supported by our API consist of;

  • HTTP
  • XML
  • SMTP
  • SMPP

The fastsms gateway API has been implemented into many different business solutions including server monitoring & alert systems, contact management databases and many other advanced applications.

If your application already supports email you can integrate SMS without the need for the API – using our Email to SMS service you can effortlessly add SMS functionality into any software that already supports SMTP.

We aim to be more than just a source of SMS message credits. We build software applications ourselves using SMS and other technologies so have knowledge of the developer's world.

With access to our well documented and supported API (Application Programming Interface) you will be able to connect directly to the fastsms Messaging Platform. And our advisers will be there to get you started and help you at every stage of the project.

Sending via HTTP from within your application can be as simple as generating a HTTP request that contains the relevant variables and sending them to the fastsms gateway. This can be in the form of a HTTP POST or GET.

Also available are other options for more complex actions such as sending larger amounts of messages in one request or reporting on message activity over a period of time. This is done by other supported protocols, such as; FTP/SCP, XML and SMTP.

Add another level to your systems

When you integrate SMS into your programming environment you will dramatically increase communication functionality, gaining a much needed lead on competitive systems.

Versatile by nature

The variety of protocols available to you means that SMS can work within most technologies. This coupled with our own robust technology on a Tier 1 network infrastructure ensures the highest availability and performance.

Support from us at every step

Manage your fastsms account through your own application to minimize administration workload. Our own development team will always be on hand to discuss all technical and practical issues. We are always happy to discuss your requirements and provide free documentation on our API’s.

  • Moto has been using fastsms for over a year & our business relies on it to keep our national network of motorway service areas securely updated with urgent messages & updates. It’s enabled us to send the same message to hundreds of people around the UK at the same time; something that was impossible before. Fastsms has totally changed the way we communicate and the feedback from our employees has been excellent.

    — Moto