Add SMS messaging to any application using our API

Always free developer documentation and support

Using our application protocol interface (API) developers can integrate all fastsms features into any project. We’ll provide you our API documentation even before you sign up for your free account. We’re also happy to have our developers answer any questions you have so you can get started quickly and easily.

We’ve helped our customers integrate into a variety of applications:

  • Server monitoring and alert systems
  • Contact management databases
  • Financial transaction monitoring
  • Scientific research monitoring and notifications
  • Transport emergency systems
  • And many more

“Moto has been using fastsms for over a year & our business relies on it to keep our national network of motorway service areas securely updated with urgent messages & updates. It’s enabled us to send the same message to hundreds of people around the UK at the same time; something that was impossible before. Fastsms has totally changed the way we communicate and the feedback from our employees has been excellent.”

— Moto

What you can do

Sending and receiving messages is easy using standard protocols:

  • HTTP
  • XML
  • SMTP
  • SMPP

You can use your language of choice and you’ll find code examples in our developer’s knowledge base to get you started.

It’s also straightforward to access other fastsms features like:

  • Contact management
  • Reporting
  • Scheduling
  • Account management

Integration without the API

If your application already supports email you can integrate SMS without the need for the API – using our Email to SMS service you can effortlessly add SMS functionality into any software that already supports SMTP.

Get started in less than a minute with our free account and receive 10 free credits!

Not ready to sign up yet? Download our API documentation here, or learn more about our other SMS solutions for your business using the links below, or talk with us via live chat, email or phone.

“We use the API to send alerts to our astronomers when the Liverpool Telescope is tasked with following up the biggest explosions in the known Universe.”

— Liverpool John Moores University Astrophysics Research Inst.

Access anywhere web-based SMS messaging

Our online SMS messaging tool, NetMessenger, offers the convenience of sending and receiving text messages from any device or computer connected to the Internet. With always-on access, bulk messaging capabilities, and advanced account management, NetMessenger is the number one choice of our customers. It’s as easy to use as an email program so you can get started fast.

auto responders

Send texts from any email program

Email to SMS offers a simple way to send and receive SMS messages with any email client (Gmail,, Yahoo!, AOL etc) using the SMTP protocol. You can also use email to sms to add texting to any application or system that uses email. This is a great solution for integrating SMS services without having to worry about an API.

Send from Outlook

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) is the perfect solution for those who already use Outlook for email, scheduling and contact management. You can send and manage texts just like an email. When you pair it with a virtual mobile number, OMS will deliver your text messages to your Outlook inbox. There’s no new software to learn, just write and send.