Which SMS solution is right for your business?

As business people and developers, we know there are many different ways people want to use SMS messaging. We’ve built our services to provide SMS solutions that will fit just about anyone.

sms text messaging

Need a web based SMS service with access from anywhere?

NetMessenger is our online SMS service you can access with any browser connected to the Internet. No apps or software to install – just login, type and send your messages from any device or computer.

Companies and organisations of all sizes use NetMessenger to coordinate staff, run mobile marketing campaigns, keep customers engaged and much more. With NetMessenger, you have access to all the powerful features of our service by simply logging in.

Want to send texts from your email client?

Sometimes people want the convenience of using email, but with the speed reliability of text messaging. Our Email to SMS solution works with any email program. All you need to do is follow a simple template when writing your message, and our system will deliver the “email” as a text message.

There’s no new software to learn, just follow the simple steps and you can send and receive messages through your favourite email program. And it works everywhere you have Internet access so you can stay in touch even when you can’t get a mobile signal.

http sms api

Need to send SMS messages from your application?

Developers and businesses can integrate SMS messaging directly into applications using the fastsms gateway API. Using standard protocols like HTTP and SMTP you can send and receive messages, run reports, add contacts, or any other task you could otherwise do manually.

And our developer support and API documentation is always free. We develop all of our own solutions so we’re ready to share our experience with you whenever you need it.

Using Outlook for scheduling, email, and contact management?

With Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) you can easily send text messages from right inside Outlook. This simple service operates just like email so can get started quickly. Now all your conversations and communications are all in one place making it easier to stay organised.

Companies often opt for OMS when they need to restrict employee access to the Internet, but need them to be able to manage text messaging for scheduling, marketing, customer relations or any number of different tasks.