Case Studies

This section contains detailed information on how various sectors can use SMS to enhance their businesses, many of which are backed up by case studies from our own customers.



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Communication within schools is more important than ever, as is being able to cut costs in order to get the most out of the available budget. We have worked with schools all over the U.K. and have seen some great results, with reports of phone bills alone being reduced by 40%.

Communicate with Parents

Often the ability to get a message to a parent quickly can make all the difference. By collecting parents mobile phone numbers you can communicate important information to them instantly.

It could be information specific to their child, such as notification of illness, detention or even attainment. You could also have groups set up for parents of children in particular clubs or teams, informing them of upcoming matches, training or performances and equally of cancellations.

SMS has also been used to great effect replacing traditional phone chains, by texting all parents whose children are on a school trip instantly for just a few pence.

Equally text messages are the ideal way to inform parents en masse of severe weather closures.

Communicate with Staff

SMS can be a great way to communicate with your staff too. You can send bulletins and reminders to everyone as well as coordinate your non-teaching staff around the school grounds.

If you organise your own supply staff you can even message them all simultaneously and immediately to check their availability.

Communicate with Students

Although in many cases mobile phones are banned in schools, more and more institutions are realising they cannot be policed and are choosing to use them to their advantage. You could use them to send reminders to students about clubs and societies as well as reminders about tests, exams or coursework.

Case Study : Rowlatts Hill Primary School

Rowlatts Hill

Sector: Schools

Company Bio: We are a Primary School and provide primary education to children between 3 and 11 years of age to prepare them for Secondary School.

Which fastsms solutions do you use? 

What did you use before SMS? 
All communications with our parents would have been via the telephone or by letter.

How have things improved since using SMS?
 We can now send bulk messages to groups of parents simultaneously and they can in turn reply as required.
The system works well for us as a time saver and thus saves us valuable time and resources. In schools money is very tight, therefore any saving we make can be better directed towards the children.

Grant Penton
Rowlatts Hill Primary School


Managing any type of event comes with its own set of unique stresses and challenges. In many cases these can be addressed with some simple but clever use of SMS text messaging.


In order for an event to be a success you need guests, and this is a financial challenge more than anything else - if you don't have enough guests you don't take in enough money and don't recoup enough of your costs, simple.

SMS has several ways to help ensure a maximum turnout many of which are unique to specific scenarios...

You can ask interested groups to sign up to receive text alerts when there is an upcoming event they would be interested in, you can even offer incentives such as discounts, freebies or simply advanced tickets. You can gather this data through a website, magazine, flyer or poster simply by publishing "Text YourCompany to 80010 to join our AdvanceClub and receive special offers and updates!"


To keep your event running on the day you will likely need legions of staff, who are often spread out at different locations. Not everyone can employ the use of radios on a large scale and in some cases communicating by sound just isn't practical, but by using text messages instructions can be fast, to the point, easily understood and readily confirmed by way of a reply.

Customer Service

In most cases you will be representing a client when planning an event, and while most corporate clients would expect updates by phone or email individuals may not always be available, and may not even be able to afford your undivided attention.

The best example for this is Wedding Planners. There are lots of details to be covered and in many cases the client will be eager to be informed when each has been taken care of. These updates can easily be done via text message, taking only a few seconds.

Case Study: Metrobroadcast

Sector: Event Management

Company Bio: Specialise in Event Hire, Management, Production, Web Streaming and managed AV Services.

Which FASTSMS Solutions do you use?
Outlook Messaging Service

What did you use before SMS?
Manually send out group Txts with a mobile phone.

How have things improved since using FASTSMS?
We can now type the TXT on our PC systems, and send to as many defined groups as we need. Using the shared database functionality of SMS Sender enables multiple users to have access to the same groups.

Mark Mifsud


SMS is fast becoming an essential communication tool for many businesses within the Financial Services sector. This includes Banks, Debt Collection Agencies, Finance Brokers, Independent Financial Advisors, Insurers and many more. The different ways in which SMS text messaging is used by these companies is largely similar so some generalisations can be made...

Communication with Staff

Many financial services have a large portion of their team working out of the office for large parts of the day. This particularly applies to IFAs and Debt Collectors who may need to request specific information sent to their phones via SMS or even check in for job details.

Promotional Messages

For those offering saleable services, promotional messages via SMS become an important method of gaining repeat business. This is most true for Pay Day Loan Lenders who can customise their promotional messages based on an individuals borrowing habits.

Account Updates

Offering your customers the opportunity to request account information by SMS is a great way to cut down phone calls. It also makes it easier for them to keep on top of their own finances. This is a method already being used by Banks, Lenders and Collection Agencies.


In addition to requesting account updates, it is also possible to set up automatic updates about upcoming payments like Standing Orders and Direct Debits. This is also applicable to any service previously provided which has payment outstanding.


Using a Virtual Mobile Number you can give your customers the means to contact you by SMS. This is a particularly appealing communication option for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Whether you are talking marketing, public relations or advertising it's all about getting the best results for the lowest cost, meaning profit. SMS is widely recognised as one of the most profitable marketing channels available, and the great thing is that anyone can use it. You don't have to use an international agency to get great results locally. Here is how those agencies use SMS to great effect...


Running a promotion through an SMS campaign can have two possible goals, that are by no means mutually exclusive. The first is to collect data, and is a rather important one if you're just starting out - a great example is offering a free sample or discount on a future visit/purchase to those who text your virtual number. Secondly (once you have the data) you can actively send out promotions to your lists. For more information on running your own mobile marketing campaign, take a look at our Mobile Marketing Guide.


charity strip


Charities all over the world are already aware of how effective SMS can be in fund-raising as well as raising awareness. With almost everyone carrying a mobile phone, text messaging offers an instant form of communication and response.

Raising Awareness

In order for an organised charity to be able to aid its chosen cause it needs the support of like-minded people. You need to let these like-minded people know that you exist before they actively support you in your endeavours. A great way to do this is to send texts to groups of people who are likely to want to help. These contacts could be isolated through profession, location or perhaps they have expressed interest in a similar cause in the past.

Organising Events

Once you have established yourself as a charity you will be running fund-raising events and programmes, many of which will rely on the volunteers who support you. SMS is a cheap and efficient means of contacting would be volunteers and updating those who have already signed up to help.

Gathering Donations

When your event is drawing near and your workforce of volunteers is in place you need to let everyone else know the where and the when so they can participate in raising money for your cause. Again SMS is a great way to do this - it is unintrusive and gets the message directly into their hands. You can even use a premium rate Shortcode to gather donations directly from their mobile phone bill.

Giving Thanks

Once an event is over and the donations have been counted up it is a great idea to let your followers know how much they managed to raise. You can even tell them how it will be spent to help the cause and in appropriate cases send them updates for ongoing schemes. All this is designed to increase the chance that they will donate again, and even persuade some who didn't before of the good work that is going on.

Case Study 1 : Crosslight Debt Advice

Sector: Charities

Company Bio: We are a free debt and money advice charity, providing help, advice, guidance and support to anyone who finds themselves in financial difficulty, with all the resultant stress, worry, depression and loss of hope that can bring.

Which fastsms Solutions do you use?

NetMessenger, Email to SMS and a Virtual Mobile Number

What did you use before SMS?

We were using an adhoc combination of text messaging (using a pay as you go mobile phone, which was not particularly efficient), letters, and phone calls.

How have things improved since using fastsms?

Given the vulnerable state of many of our clients, and their low income, we've found that text messaging is the best form of communication - everyone has a mobile phone whereas not everyone has access to a computer to use emails. Often clients won't answer a voice call as they are so used to being hassled by creditors, and so texting is more effective. Also, they are often frightened to come for their first appointment with us, and often miss the first couple of appointments, which obviously causes our advisors (who are all volunteers) difficulty. We've found that clients won't call us to say they aren't coming, but they will text us, which enables us to offer the appointment to someone else.

Bruce Connell
Crosslight Debt Advice

Case Study 2 : Drink Driver Education

Sector: Training / Charities

Company Bio: We provide educational courses which qualify convicted drivers to obtain a reduction on their disqualification. We also have a Registered Charity (no 1120072) which aims to prevent offending by educating in advance.

Which fastsms Solutions do you use?

Outlook Messaging Service, Email To SMS, Virtual Mobile Number

What did you use before SMS?

Post and email

How have things improved since using fastsms?

Quicker response from customers & potential customers - plus a saving on admin costs due to postage and processing letters for posting.

It has been very easy to set up and use and the helpline is always very helpful (which is certainly not something you can say about all of them!!)

Sally Mowbray
Drink Driver Education

Case Study 3 : Music For Schools Foundation

Sector: Charities

Company Bio: Provides instrumental lessons for children in primary schools

Which fastsms Solutions do you use?

Outlook Messaging Service, NetMessenger, Email To SMS, Virtual Mobile Number

What did you use before SMS?

Snail Mail (post)

How have things improved since using fastsms?

Customers can receive information faster and more conveniently, and we can be more sure that important messages have reached their destination.

Ali Wooding
Music for Schools Foundation


Communicating With Tenants

With over 80% of adults now owning mobile phones, landlines are quickly becoming obsolete and for many text messaging is now their preferred medium of communication. In the past you may have had to ring a tenant several times to get through or waited days for a response to an email. Using SMS gets your message directly into the hands of your tenant at any time of the day. The following are just some of the ways Property MAnagers are already using SMS to their advantage.

  • Reminders: send all of your tenants a message at the same time informing them that their rent is due
  • Fault Reporting: your tenants can contact you when there is a problem with the property with a text that will go directly to your PC
  • Alerts: inform your tenants of scheduled viewings or when a repairman is coming round to do some work

Marketing Properties

SMS Marketing is currently the most effective way of getting the details of your latest properties directly into the hands of your prospective clients - and it offers conversion rates far greater than traditional advertising & promotions. Studies show that people are much more likely to read and respond to a text message than any other medium.

  • Campaigns: Clients can text a property code to your system and the details of that property will be automatically sent back
  • Promotion: Text your prospects about new properties, upcoming open days and special offers
  • Competitions: Gather opted-in subscribers for your mailing list for future SMS promotions
  • Enquiries: Publish your 'textline' with your contact details, extending office hours


charity strip


Customer service and good communication is just as important to Auctioneers as any retail based business and as such SMS text messaging has a lot to offer. It may sound obvious but Auctioneers use of SMS comes under two simple areas, sending and receiving. These communications need to be fast, reliable and often confidential...

SMS Club

Inviting customers to join your SMS Club is a great way to generate interest in your services, whether an online Auction Site or a more traditional Auction House. When you have your customers mobile number you can inform them first about the latest news and upcoming events that may interest them.

Real Time Notifications

SMS text messages are very fast to compose and usually only take a few seconds to reach their destination. This makes it the ideal way to send real time updates on an auction to your customers. These can include Won/Lost/Outbid notifications and even the option to reply with new instructions e.g. "You have been outbid on ITEM. Reply "BID" followed by your new maximum bid to continue".

Delivery / Collection Notifications

Once an auction is over and you have notified the winning bidder you can follow this up with delivery or collection details. You can even continue this by sending updates on the status of the delivery, including postal tracking numbers.

Car Dealerships

Anyone who has ever done so will know that buying a car is a massive commitment, one that should impact on your life for years to follow. As a car dealership you know that because of this your reputation is everything. This means that your customer service and the quality of their experience with you is so important.

Sales Managers


Sales managers will know how competitive the car retail business can be and how any advantage can mean the difference between a good month and an excellent month. Using fastsms you can text your prospects about upcoming open days, launches, events and special offers.

"We were delighted with the fastsms campaign we ran recently, when we sent a message on a Friday evening to existing customers to advise them of a special short term offer we had available on a number of new cars. The response was amazing and by 4.00pm on the Sunday we had sold 5 new cars and by the Tuesday this had risen to 9 as a direct result of the SMS invitation. Stunning ! Thank you!"

Rob Haylett - Marketing Manager, Payne's Ford Dealerships


Running competitions by SMS is a great way to add opt-in subscribers to your mailing list for future promotions and it's so easy because you know exactly what interests your potential customers.


Publishing an SMS 'textline' with your other contact details is a great way to extend office hours with minimal staff commitments. This can often give a prospect the opportunity to commit to something at a time that suits them.

Service Managers

Service managers know how important customer care is to a successful dealership. Using SMS you can send customers a highly targeted message at just the right time, including...

  • Reminders - Text your customers when their MOT or next service is due
  • Fault Reports - Notify customers immediately in the case of recall campaigns
  • Customer Alerts - When their car is ready or there's a delay in pick up time, send them a text


charity strip

Haulage, Deliveries & Logistics

There are two very important aspects common to Haulage, Deliveries and Logistics where SMS Text Messaging can make a real impact - customer communication and staff coordination. It is imperative to know where your drivers and delivery personnel are at all times, and what's more you need to be able to relay this information to your customers on request. The more ways you can get in contact with your staff the greater the chance you have of making contact. In addition to this, the more options a customer has to receive updates or submit queries the happier they will be. It is for these reasons that SMS becomes a viable addition regardless of whether you already use PDAs, email, phones, pagers or GPS.


SMS text messaging is a great way to send promotional messages to current and past customers. This is particularly the case with food delivery / takeaway companies, where Mobile Marketing has proved very effective.

Order Confirmations

Not everybody has access to their email all the time, and it isn't practical to call every customer to confirm order and delivery details. This makes SMS order confirmations a great way to give your customers peace of mind when they need it most.

Coordinate Staff

It's not practical for every company to supply all drivers with specialised communication methods that can be used while driving. Quite often you won't want to risk calling a driver for fear that they may answer while behind the wheel. By sending an SMS you can be certain that they will see the message the next time they stop.