SMS messaging just makes retail better

Double conversion rates, unbelievable ROIs, and amazing profits

Whether your retail business is bricks and mortar, online only, or both you can benefit from using SMS messaging. In fact, any kind of retail business can use SMS effectively for marketing and customer relations.

Conservatively, SMS conversion rates are double industry averages for email. Consumers are also ten times more likely to redeem a mobile coupon. When you combine these facts with the low entry cost of SMS, you end up with a recipe for amazing profits.

Marketing your business

Here are some examples of how retailers can use SMS messages:

  • Order confirmations and status updates
  • Abandoned shopping cart reminders
  • Mobile coupons
  • Sale announcements or reminders to drive website or foot traffic
  • Exclusive deals just for customers who’ve opted in for text messages

Engage your customers

SMS is great for engaging your customers too. Run contests, send related information to purchases they’ve made, follow up with them to check in on their shopping experience. Using a virtual mobile number or shortcode enables your customers to reply to you and keep the conversation going.

Still wondering if SMS could work for your business? We’ve seen it successfully used in all of the following markets, so it’ll likely work in yours too!

  • Auctioneers
  • Travel agencies
  • Restaurants
  • High Street
  • e-commerce
  • Car dealerships
  • Beauty salons and spas
text messaging in store
retail uses of sms marketing