Effectively manage and market property with SMS

Improve tenant relations, profit margins, and sales

Even though you manage or sell property, you really are in the people business. And in today’s world the best way to contact people is via mobile phone. In the UK, over 92% of the population has a mobile. Every single one of them can receive an SMS message.

How could sending text messages help your business? Here are some examples:

Estate Agents

  • Market your property by sending text messages to your existing client list, or providing a unique keyword and reply number for people to opt in to your list for property information
  • Send updates on the status of a property purchase to keep your clients informed
  • Keep in touch with past clients by sending a message with relevant information or referral requests

Letting Agents and Housing Associations

  • Remind tenants of repair appointments or showings by sending an SMS message the day before
  • Send rent reminders a few days before it’s due, and again later if the rent is not paid
  • Provide tenants your shortcode or virtual mobile number so they can report problems

You can also use SMS messaging within your organization to keep everyone informed. Some housing associations have reported saving thousands of pounds in wasted repair calls alone. No matter how small or large your business is the low entry cost of SMS messaging could potentially improve your profit margins and increase sales.

Want to know more? Download our guide for more examples and information on SMS messaging for your business:

Property managers and estate agents guide to SMS messaging: How to use SMS messaging to grow your business while saving time, money and aggravation

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