Do more for your cause with SMS messaging

SMS can help you reduce operating costs, raise awareness and fundraise

As a non-profit manager or director, you’re always looking for ways to further your cause – to do more good while balancing administration and operating costs. SMS messaging is a great tool for charities whether it’s contacting donors, organising volunteers, connecting with the people you help, or raising awareness in a community.

SMS provides a low cost, easy to manage communication path directly into the hands of the people you need to contact most.

Here are some examples of what your charity can do with SMS messaging:

  • Lower admin costs by sending text messages rather than letters. You’ll save on the cost of paper, ink, postage, and staff time putting it all together.
  • Improve turnaround times for any communication because SMS messages are virtually instantaneous. You can get organized more quickly or gather funds faster without having to wait for post deliveries and replies.
  • Coordinate volunteers more easily by sending text message alerts, directions, requests for help, or other time sensitive information to the volunteer’s own mobiles.
  • Raise awareness for new or ongoing campaigns by sending SMS updates to your existing lists of donors, volunteers and staff. You can also run a new opt in campaign to gather new names for your list.
  • After a successful fundraiser or project, give thanks to your community by sending an SMS message sharing the success and letting everyone know how grateful you are for their support.
  • Gather donations via SMS using a premium rate Shortcode to make donating as easy as texting a reply

There’s always more good to be done. SMS messaging can help you do more of it, for less money, in less time.