Run more profitable campaigns using SMS messaging

The best way to reach 92% of the UK population is via their mobile phones

Practically everyone has a mobile these days. And SMS messaging is the only guaranteed way to reach everyone with a mobile whether they have a smartphone, feature or basic phone.

Whether you’re talking marketing, public relations, or advertising, it’s all about getting the best results for the lowest cost. SMS is a low cost direct marketing method that also has a high response rate:

  • Coupons sent via SMS enjoy redemption rates 3-5 times that of email on average.
  • ROIs in excess of 6600% have been reported!
  • Traditional direct marketing (via post) only has response rates of 1-2% on average.

You can run successful SMS campaigns too. No matter how small or large your agency is, SMS marketing is easy to get started and manage. Here are some ideas of how you can put it to work for you and your clients:


  • Run opt-in campaigns to grow your client’s lists (or your own)
  • Send offers to the list for relevant items or services with special offers

Engage the customer base

  • Run contests or sweepstakes
  • Send surveys to gather even more information about your list

There are so many different uses of SMS for marketing. It’s powerful, personal, one on one direct marketing at an amazingly low entry cost. To learn more about using SMS in your marketing campaigns, download our mobile marketing guide “How to use SMS marketing to reach your marketing goals”

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