SMS messaging helps your events run smoothly

Stay connected and fill more seats in less time with less stress

You know managing events is filled with challenges. While the details vary depending on the type of event, many of them revolve around promotions and logistics before, during, and after the event.

SMS messaging can help you overcome these challenges. Here are some examples:

Before event promotion:

  • Announce new events and VIP early ticket purchase dates
  • Event updates in case of delays, changes, or added dates
  • Offer chances to win tickets, backstage passes, or meet and greets with a reply code
  • Last minute pushes to sell unfilled seats for an event

Post event promotion:

  • Send coupons or discount codes to your best customers for a future event
  • New event alerts based on their past ticket purchases
  • Birthday wishes or discounts, if you have their profile information
  • Customer service requests and contacts


  • Coordinate staff during events without the need for loud radios
  • Updates on arrival times of performers or guests
  • Notify managers, security, or vendors of time sensitive information

From wedding planners to event centres that seat tens of thousands of people, and everything in between, you can use SMS messaging to help make every event a success. For more ideas and information, download our guide “How to fill every seat in the house: An event manager’s guide to SMS Marketing”.