Schools can reduce communication costs by 40%

School budgets seem to get tighter every year. You’re sometimes left with limited staff, more students and more work with the same or lower budgets. That makes time one of your most valuable assets. Here are some examples of how SMS messaging can help you get some of it back.

  • Contact parents or carers when students are absent from school
  • Notify parents or carers of school closures due to weather or administrative reasons
  • Send reminders of schedule changes for individual students or events
  • Notify parents and carers of transport issues that delay arrivals home or pickups in the morning
  • Notify appropriate people of emergencies involving a single student or the entire school
  • Inform parents or carers of reports being sent home
  • Send reminders of sporting event locations and times
  • Text updates to all parents or carers whose children are on a trip rather than use a phone chain

You can use SMS messaging to contact staff and students too

Last minute change to the meeting location? Let your all your staff know with one text message. Need a teacher in the office or another location? Send them a notification via text.

Approximately 81% of UK teens use smartphones. While schools try to ban their usage, it’s often impractical to monitor it. You can turn the situation around and use student mobiles to keep them up to date about clubs or sports activities. Even send reminders for assignments, exams, or coursework.

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