Whatever your business is, SMS messaging can help you do it better

Every business can save time, cut costs, and stay connected with SMS

SMS messaging is used by virtually all industries and business sectors. Schools contact parents about absences. Financial services send account updates. Retail, media, and event managers run successful marketing campaigns.

Integrating SMS into your business can save you time and help cut costs while keeping you in touch with your most important customers.

If you’re thinking about it for your business take a look at our examples below and see how it can work for you.

Marketing and Media

Practically everyone has a mobile these days. And SMS messaging is the only guaranteed way to reach everyone with a mobile whether they have a smartphone, feature or basic phone… read more.

Event Management

You know managing events is filled with challenges. While the details vary depending on the type of event, many of them revolve around promotions and logistics before, during, and after the event… read more.

Financial Services

Over 450 million text messages are sent by banks in the UK each year. That’s evidence your customers are becoming more and more comfortable with text messaging as a primary form of communication for… read more.


Even though you manage or sell property, you really are in the people business. And in today’s world the best way to contact people is via mobile phone. In the UK, over 92% of the population has a mobile… read more.


Whether your retail business is bricks and mortar, online only, or both you can benefit from using SMS messaging. In fact, any kind of retail business can use SMS effectively for marketing and customer relations…. read more.


Taxi, private hire, haulage, food takeaway/delivery, and logistics companies all have the challenge of managing many moving parts. Multiple vehicles and drivers transporting customers, food, or goods… read more.


School budgets seem to get tighter every year. You’re sometimes left with limited staff, more students and more work with the same or less budgets. That makes time one of your most valuable assets… read more.

Non-Profit Organisations

As a non-profit manager or director, you’re always looking for ways further your cause – to do more good while balancing administration and operating costs. SMS messaging is a great tool for charities… read more.