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Fastsms began life as part of the Netsecrets family, a successful Internet Service Provider with its roots going back to 1997. In 2002, we looked forward and saw SMS as a growing technology and business full of opportunities. So with the backing and experience of Netsecrets, we launched Fastsms with a vision in mind:

To offer an SMS service anyone could use, with transparent pricing and high quality personal support offered to everyone who asks for help.

In the years since then, SMS has grown to be one of the main forms of communication used by businesses, charities, and schools. Virtually every industry can put it to good use. None of us knew SMS would become what it is today, but we’ve kept pace with the changes.

To provide you with the best possible services we always:

  • Keep an eye on the industry and your feedback on how to use SMS and fastsms better
  • Do all of our own development so we can quickly make improvements based on feedback and industry changes
  • Invest in our people to help them do their job better, so they are more prepared to help you
  • Commit to helping everyone get started with our services regardless of how much, or how little, they spend

Our Team

You’ll see a lot of similar names on our team. It didn’t start out that way. Founder and Chairman Tony Burt began Netsecrets as a sole trader in the late 1990s. Over the years other members of the family have added their expertise and talents to Netsecrets and subsequently Fastsms. Now we have a thriving business that continues to grow thanks to the wonderful people we have working with us including our amazing management team.

Tony Burt


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Rich Burt

Technical Director

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Sandy Burt

Operations Director

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Ollie Burt

Marketing Director

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Aimee Ward

Customer Services Manager

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Aimi Powell-Burt

Executive Assistant

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Katie Hipkiss

Accounts Manager

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Rebecca Burt

CRM Manager

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“We're always willing to take the time to give someone the help and advice they need to get up and running whether they're big spenders or not.”