Virtual Mobile Numbers

Imagine receiving an email you couldn’t reply to, or only being able to listen in a phone call, not respond – now apply that same logic to a text message…

Two-way functionality has become an absolute necessity for online SMS which is why we make it so readily available to our users.

There are very few instances where we would honestly say that you don’t need or couldn’t benefit from a VMN.

Virtual Mobile Numbers are compatible with all fastsms solutions including NetMessenger, OMS, and Email to SMS; they can even be used by developers to enhance their own applications and software.

You can have more than one VMN attached to any one account, having messages forwarded accordingly, whether to sub-accounts, email addresses or mobile numbers.

Adding a Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) to your account opens up a great many features, allowing you to…

  • Receive unlimited amounts of SMS messages
  • Store messages in an online Inbox
  • Use familiar message folder and rules, making it easy to manage
  • Forward inbound messages to email addresses as well as mobile phones
  • Forward messages to a URL using our HTTP API
  • Set up an auto-response to particular inbound messages
  • Trigger a distribution list broadcast remotely by texting your account
  • Set up unlimited keywords with auto-responses and actions

It’s your number nobody else’s

You will enjoy all the benefits that come with being the sole user of a dedicated inbound Virtual Mobile Number (VMN) - meaning you don't share with anyone else, it's yours!

Publish with your other details

Any responses to your sent SMS messages will come straight back to you, so you receive them as quickly as you would do as if to a phone. Advertise your number as a contact option for both clients and colleagues - adding another level to your communication, helping you keep in touch.

Perfect for your mobile marketing

Receive responses to your mobile marketing campaigns and use the array of tools available to you through NetMessenger to more easily manage your campaign, saving you time and yielding better results.

  • The system is fantastic, not only have we used the Responder service to promote The Pulse we have also used it to supply e-tickets to the young people for our gig. The system itself is incredibly easy to manage, even for a non techie, like me! We continually add new activities to our programme and can update the Responder service within a few seconds. It has definitely had a positive impact on The Pulse, even at this early stage, and I would highly recommend your service to other organisations.

    — The Pulse

Using your VMN with NetMessenger

You can use your Virtual Mobile Number with our browser based software, NetMessenger. This connects you directly to the fastsms system, so you have the same level of reliability as any of our other SMS tools.

NetMessenger has the advantage that it is completely mobile, just like you – all you need is your login details and any PC can then be used to access your account.

NetMessenger also offers a multi-user level where you can manage your own sub-accounts as a master administrator, ideal if you have several people using your account and you want to keep an eye on credit use. You can even generate reports on individual or overall usage.

NetMessenger is becoming more feature rich all the time, with our developers constantly working from our user feedback making it all it can be.

With no software to download or maintain, NetMessenger is the ideal method of SMS communication if you want to use it on the move.

Send and receive through Outlook

If you use Microsoft Office Outlook you may find you could greatly benefit from using OMS. Outlook Mobile Service is the new feature in Outlook that allows you to create and send text messages to a mobile device from within Outlook in the same way you would email messages. Your messages are still sent through fastsms routes, assuring you of the highest delivery rates available. With the addition of a Virtual Mobile Number you can manage all your SMS communications within Microsoft Outlook alongside your email, seamlessly.