9 ways to get your message delivered in seconds

Choosing your way to send saves time, money and your thumbs!

It used to be that sending SMS messages required lots of thumb exercise. And while you can still send messages that way, so much has changed that makes it easier than ever to send messages from any device or computer. Our solutions give you plenty of options, all with guaranteed delivery times of seconds.

When you use NetMessenger, our web-based SMS service, you have 6 different sending options:

1. Enter any mobile number

Simply type a number in the “To:” field to let us know where to send your message.


2. Use the contact list

Just like in email, you can add frequent or important people to your contact list for easy and quick addressing.


3. Create a Group of contacts

When you need to send the same message to small lists of individuals such as family, friends, recruiter teams or volunteer staff create a group to simplify addressing.


4. Use a Distribution list

For sending messages to larger groups of people for mobile marketing, mass notifications, or other bulk messaging use a distribution list. These lists can be customised to allow personalisation, or even scheduled messages based on personal information such as birthdays. Using this type of list also makes it quick and easy to clean the list against your blacklist of numbers to never send to by clicking a single button.


5. Upload a Campaign list

When you need to send a one-time bulk message without adding to your contact or distribution lists, choose to upload a campaign list. Just like distribution lists, the numbers will be automatically run through the blacklist so you don’t ever send a message to someone you shouldn’t.


6. Use a template

Create templates to use for messages you send often so you don’t have to rewrite or copy and paste the text multiple times. Then just click on the template name and your message is ready. It really is that simple.


Don’t want to use a web-based SMS service?

Here are three more ways you can send using fastsms:


7. Just send an email

Using our Email to SMS solution you can send text messages just like you would any other email. Use your existing email program and contact lists. It’s quick, easy, and works with all major email providers that support SMTP (you’ll have to try hard to find one that doesn’t).


8. Use Microsoft Outlook 2007 or 2010

If you’re already an Outlook user, you can send all your text messages right from the program. You’ll keep all your communications in one place so you’ll stay organised and be sending SMS messages fast.


9. Send via our Application Programming Interface (API)

Developers and businesses can use our easy to implement API to send SMS messages right from within any application. Appointment reminders, purchase confirmations, or account updates are just some examples.


You also get these time saving features:

Custom “From” field – You decide how your text appears to the recipient by choosing to use a text label (e.g. “fastsms”, “Robert”), or your virtual mobile number. Set a default from in your settings and never think about it again, unless you want to.

A Blacklist – Use this to keep track of numbers you do not want to contact anymore. They may have opted out or not be valid anymore. You can enter numbers manually, upload a list in CSV format, automatically when receiving a reply message (see receiving features for more info), or through our API.

Schedule a message in advance – Any message can be scheduled to be delivered at a specific date and time. There’s no extra fee for scheduling, just select the date and time before clicking Send.

Recurring messages – Set up messages to be sent automatically at various time intervals, select the time range for delivery (no you don’t send anything too early or too late!), and control the dates of delivery.


Which way to send is best for you?

With so many options, how do you choose which one is right for you? Take a look at our comparison chart below to see what sending features are available with each of our solutions.

FeatureNetMessengerOutlook Mobile ServiceDeveloper APIEmail to SMS
Send from a Virtual Mobile Number

Send from a Text Label

Send to a Number

Send to Contacts

Send to Contact Groups

Send to Distribution Lists

Upload one off Campaigns

Insert message Templates

Send Immediately

Send at a Later Date

Send recurring messages on a Schedule


Still have questions? We’re happy to help. Chat or email us 24/7, or call us at 0800 954 5305.