Keep track of your activity with detailed reporting

Your data is always available in NetMessenger

When you need to know what messages you’ve sent, what keywords people used to reply, who unsubscribed, or which of your sub-users used all the credits, just use our reporting feature.

You’ll find all the data to answer those questions and more inside our web-based SMS solution NetMessenger. Even if you send messages using Email to SMS, Outlook or our API the data is always there in NetMessenger.

Take a look at some of the data you can see in your reports:

  • Which messages were delivered
  • What keywords were used
  • Full message list with content
  • Messages sent by distribution list

You can view the data online, or download in a CSV file to import into your own statistics program.

And all of the reports are available for sub-users on your account. This helps you keep track of everyone on your team.