Two-way SMS turns simple messages into conversations

Get a reply with a VMN or Shortcode

Sending your text message is only half the story. When you use two-way SMS messaging you can receive replies to messages, and then act on those replies. It’s great for personal use to stay in touch even when you don’t have mobile service, but it really shines when you use it for mobile marketing, managing staff, or getting customer feedback.

To use two-way SMS messaging you’ll need to choose a virtual mobile number (VMN), a keyword on our shared shortcode, or your own custom shortcode.

Virtual Mobile Numbers

VMNs are 11 digit mobile numbers, just like standard mobile numbers. Advantages of a VMN are:

  • You can receive an unlimited number of messages
  • It’s a dedicated number, only you can use it
  • Receive your messages online, in email, forward to your mobile or application
  • You can use an unlimited number of keywords you select
  • Filter messages by keyword into folders
  • Publish it anywhere as part of your contact information
  • Will work from anywhere in the world
  • Low cost – no more than £8.25 per month (£99 per year)
  • Optional auto-renew every 12 months

Shared shortcode

You can rent various keywords on our 5 digit shortcode to fit your campaigns. Here’s why you might want to use one:

  • Short, 5 digit number is easy to remember
  • You can receive an unlimited number of messages
  • Receive your messages online, in email, forward to your mobile or application
  • Great for using with specific mobile marketing campaigns or brand identification
  • Only works in the UK due to network restrictions
  • No setup fee, low monthly rates
  • Optional auto-renew, cancel any time.

MMS Virtual Mobile Number

You can now add a MMS VMN to your account in order to receive multimedia messages (images, voice, video etc) as well as standard SMS on the same number. The text messages will go into your fastsms inbox as usual (with all the normal settings and forwarding options) whilst any MMS can be forwarded to your email address or to a URL via http.

Custom dedicated shortcode

Larger brands often want their own custom shortcode for the best brand recognition and consistent marketing. If you’re considering getting one, these are the facts you should know:

  • Each number needs to be negotiated and agreed to with each network
  • There’s a 2-3 month lead time to get each shortcode
  • You get every message sent to the shortcode, not just select keywords
  • You can select unlimited keywords for your shortcode
  • Price on application

A custom shortcode is perfect for large corporations with the need for exclusivity and the resources to maintain it.


Putting your reply code to work for you

When you use a reply code (VMN or shortcode) you’re able to setup autoresponders in NetMessenger. When someone replies to your number, you can assign them to a list, send another message in response, or a variety of other actions automatically using pre-set rules.

This feature saves you time and enables fast communication with your customers.

“The system is fantastic, not only have we used the Responder service to promote The Pulse we have also used it to supply e-tickets to the young people for our gig. The system itself is incredibly easy to manage, even for a non techie, like me! We continually add new activities to our programme and can update the Responder service within a few seconds. It has definitely had a positive impact on The Pulse, even at this early stage, and I would highly recommend your service to other organisations.”

-The Pulse

Find out how you can use your VMN or shortcode with our SMS messaging solutions or discover more of the features you need.