Manage your contacts using familiar tools and options

We’ve worked hard to make it easy for you to manage your contacts when using our solutions. After all, you need to be able to find the person, list, or group you need to contact quickly. Here’s a look at how it all works with our four SMS solutions:


You’ll find all the tools you need to manage your contacts in NetMessenger. It works in any browser so you can access it any time.

  • It’s as easy as using your email program
  • Enter contacts manually or import from a file
  • Assign contacts to groups to quickly message multiple people
  • Create distribution lists for larger groups you frequently message
  • Automatically or manually assign numbers to a blacklist when people unsubscribe
  • Automatically clean your distribution lists against the blacklist
  • Create and manage sub-users for easier team management

Anyone can benefit from NetMessenger, but it’s especially powerful for mobile marketers and large organisations sending bulk messages

auto responders

Email to SMS

Using your contacts with Email to SMS couldn’t be easier – because it’s what you already know!

  • Update your contacts using your existing email client contact management
  • Add new contacts, create lists, and groups just like you do now
  • Just make sure mobile numbers are in international format (e.g. 447123456789)
  • No need to learn a new program or process

Works best for anyone comfortable with their email program and who sends to only a limited number of people

sms gateway api


The fastsms API lets you and your developers decide how to manage your contacts.

  • Connect fastsms with your existing CMS programs to use your existing contacts or databases
  • Interface with the full fastsms system and use our contact management features
  • Different features are available depending on which protocol you use (see our developer guide)

Companies that want to directly incorporate SMS messaging into their existing software get the most out of using the API

Outlook Mobile Service

Users of Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2010 can send directly from Outlook. That means you:

  • Continue using your existing contacts, or easily add new contacts
  • Check to make sure mobile numbers are in international format (e.g. 447123456789)
  • Use a new mobile address book created automatically with just mobile contact numbers
  • Assign contacts to groups, just like you do now
  • Take advantage of Auto Resolve, an Outlook feature that fills in the contact info as you type it, or suggests contacts to match
  • No need to learn any new software

Works great for people sending one on one messages or small group messages