Work faster, save money, and be more responsive with a team

Delegating has never been easier

Need multiple people in your organisation to have the ability to send and respond to SMS messages? Our User Module feature allows you to assign and manage sub-users easily.

It’s the perfect solution when delegating different parts of a project, task or campaign.

  • Easily add users manually or import via a file
  • Set permissions for each user enabling them to create their own sub-users or not
  • Choose whether users can send SMS from a shared pool of credits or need to have their own
  • Set message sending limits so you can limit cost and abuse
  • Turn on alerts for low message credits per sub user
  • Give sub-users the ability to create their own messages or require them to use pre-set templates
  • Communicate with sub-users directly within the system by using the built-in  bulletin board

These are the highlights of our User Module feature. If you want to know more, start a live chat, email or call us. If you’re ready to see how it works, sign up for a free account now. We’re here to answer your questions at any time.