Get the most features for the best prices in the UK

Professional SMS services, loads of features, and great support

You want to get the most for your money. We do too. That’s why we’ve developed our SMS services to offer the most features for the lowest possible prices.

While others claim to have the lowest prices for SMS on Tier 1 routes, we actually do (maybe that’s why we’re strangely absent from competitor price comparison charts?).

You’ll always get the most value for your money at fastsms. Just take a look at all the features included with every free account:

Fanatical customer support

While we live and breathe SMS messaging and marketing, we know not everyone does. We’re committed to helping everyone who asks us for help – even before they sign up for an account or purchase credits.

After you become a customer you’ll continue to get the same great support whenever you need it. And if something ever goes wrong, we’ll do what it takes to make things right.

9 ways to send

Typing with your thumbs isn’t the only way to send SMS messages. With fastsms you have up to 9 different ways to send messages. Send a single message from your own email program, send 10,000 from your application or upload a contact list. Those are just some examples.

So you can give your thumbs a rest, and discover more about our sending options that will help you work faster.

Receive your way

Text messages can be great for conversations, but only if you can get a reply. You can choose a keyword on a shared shortcode, a virtual mobile number (VMN), or even a custom shortcode if you really need it (most don’t).

And you get to choose where your replies will go – your mobile, email program, our online service NetMessenger, or some combination depending on the solution you use.

Mobile marketing tools

You’ll find all the tools you need to get started with mobile marketing using SMS. Our system handles bulk SMS messages, autoresponders, distribution lists and blacklists. You can use keywords, shortcodes, run contests, send coupons or account updates. Any type of message or campaign you want to do, fastsms can help you do it well.

And you’ll also have access to everything with your free account and easy to use solutions so you can send your first campaign right away.

Contact management

Our online SMS service, NetMessenger, provides a variety of ways to enter, import, and manage your contacts. Once in your contact list, you can assign contacts to groups, create distribution lists, manage blacklists, and even upload a list for a one-time message without changing your existing list.

If you use Email to SMS, Outlook Mobile Service, or develop your own solution with an API, our system interfaces with your existing contacts. Whichever solution you use, you’ll save time and be sending messages quickly.


When you need to know what messages you’ve sent, what keywords people used to reply, who unsubscribed, or which of your sub accounts used all the credits, just use our reporting feature. You can generate reports on all your activity by using a simple form in NetMessenger. It doesn’t matter how the messages were sent, you’ll always have a record you can look at in NetMessenger.

Create sub-users

Many organisations and businesses have teams managing their marketing or human resources. NetMessenger provides the ability to manage these teams by creating sub-users, setting permissions, assigning credits and limiting usage. It saves you time and lets you control costs.

You’ll also be able to use the bulletin board system within NetMessenger to inform and communicate with sub-users or you can email them from inside the system. You have all the tools you need to manage an SMS project right within NetMessenger.

Information you need

As an extension of our customer service, we provide you with free information you can use in your SMS projects. Read our blog to keep up to date on the mobile industry, SMS, useful examples and tips. We’ve created industry specific guides, mobile guides, developer documentation and a knowledgebase with videos and how to instructions.

If you ever have a question you can’t find the answer to, fill out the form in our knowledgebase or email us. We’ll get you an answer straight away.

Reach almost everyone

We’ve worked hard to ensure we can deliver your messages to GSM operators worldwide. Currently we support over 500 mobile networks in over 200 countries. And we’re constantly adding to the list.

If you need to send messages internationally, we can deliver them.

Always available

We chose our data centres to provide the highest reliability, security, and uptime. They are located in key hubs to provide the best service and delivery times with the lowest latencies. We have redundant systems, network connections, and disaster recovery plans in place to make sure your SMS messages always get through.

What that all means is you can count on our service to be available and fast, whenever you need it.