SMS on Mac : The Answer is Yes

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sms on macSMS on Mac – We are often asked whether Fastsms will run on a Mac. So here’s the definitive answer: YES (with a single exception).

The exception is OMS or Outlook Mobile Service which is a module that enables users of Outlook 2007 or 2010 to send and receive SMS text messages directly within their installation of Outlook. This, understandably, will only run on a PC.

All other modules of Fastsms are browser-based or email driven and so will run in any browser or email client on any hardware platform.

These include:

  • NetMessenger – browser-based 2 way messaging
  • Email2SMS – send and receive text messages using any email client (irrespective of hardware platform)
  • Virtual Reply Numbers – 11-digit inbound virtual mobile number linked to your FASTSMS account
  • Developer Tools – integrate FASTSMS capability into your software applications

So if you Mac users are feeling left out, there’s no need to because Fastsms will provide whatever you need on your platform of choice. And if you want to try out SMS on Mac you can sign up for a free account, with some free credits. Just click here for an easy sign up – no credit card details required.



  1. KeyIVR
    September 6th

    it’s good to know that Mac Users will be catered for with FASTSMS.
    I should imagine it’s compatible with Lion?

    • tony
      September 7th

      As FASTSMS runs in any browser or, via email2sms, in any email client it is actually independent of Operating System. So yes Lion will make no difference to use of FASTSMS on a Mac.

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